January Blues

As the photo above states, I'm waiting for the spring. Even tho I planned to cram Javascript, life has different plans for us. I've been sick for almost a month, think I got all 4 kinds of flu that are floating around here in my town.

I'm finally a bit better but this weather doesn't help my motivation - only thing I want to do is sleep. I must have been a bear in my past life. I know I'll have to get on a study train eventually but lately it's mostly been "I'll do it tomorrow". I need serious motivational kick in the butt.

On a different note, page I made for client is finally online, I'm just waiting for their photos to finish it up. So it's not like I didn't do anything, just didn't do what I planned to do. Guess everybody gets a little bit lazy over holidays. I've been in this web dev craze for a whole year, guess my brain just went to shut-down mode for a while. Being sick didn't help too.

I hope my motivation comes back soon, so much to do, so little time and so on :)

Till next month, happy coding (or binge watching Dr Who, whatever xD)

Hello December

Yesterday was my birthday! People tend to say they don't like their b-days as they get older but I love mine.

Yesterday was also my interview for another internship. Yup, I got another invitation :) This time tho, company who invited the three of us was much more professional - they first gave us test page to make because they couldn't pick all of us and on Monday I got my invitation for interview. I looked up stuff about them when I got that first invitation with test and I really like these guys. They look like the thing I was really looking for - professional, creative, friendly..

Interview was list of questions and I must say I thought I totally failed - there was allot of Javascript and we only had like 5 days of Javascript in that school and I'm still at beginners level of Javascript on FCC so I was really bummed after it was all over but said, oh well, I really like these guys, I'm going home and will work my butt off to learn it all and I'll apply for junior front-end developer position in few months.

Boy was I surprised when after few hours I got mail where they congratulate me on my b-day and they are also informing me (here my brain was like - that I'm unfortunately not accepted) that I'm accepted and that my internship will start at the beginning of February :) I must say I was more shocked to get accepted than I would have been if I wasn't xD Pessimists unite!

Anyways I'm really really happy about it and since I now have two months till it starts, my plan is to do and learn as much Javascript as I can, because I don't want to be total noob on my first day as I was in this interview.

And whatever happens, I'm just really really really happy I had opportunity to change my career and find something I really love doing. I must thank my wonderful husband because without him and his support all this would probably not be possible to achieve :) ♥

Till next post, happy coding :)

All I Need Is Coffee

Hello world!

I'm back from my internship and I decided not to go there anymore. Why, you might ask? Well seems like the school I was attending didn't do any research on the company they're going to put me in - the guys there were great and all, but they don't do anything web development or any kind of design related so I decided it's best not to waste anybody's time and declined the second week of internship. They only had one project web dev related, to make their companies webpage responsive, which I did and then I said goodbye. I imagined internship would be a place where I would learn something, not place where I teach them how Bootstrap, responsive design and UX works.

So I'm back at home, starting my Javascript Free Code Camp challenge. I'm sad I didn't get creative web development internship but oh well, learned everything by myself so far so nothing to worry about.

The weather got really cold so I'm happy to be at home with my cat cup of coffee, my Coder's Essential Music on Youtube and my awesome computer :)

I got first real project this month too, so I'm starting my Laptop Fund to collect enough money to buy myself a laptop by the June next year :)

One thing that I did get from this internship tho is even more motivation to continue studying and learning web development, because I never again want to be stuck with job where I'm not motivated and happy.

So that's that, happy coding people and see you in the next post! :)

November Coding

It's November already! This year is really flying by so fast!

So what's new? I finally got results for my web page - passed but had to remind them on 29th day that they said they will review it in 30 days (not so professional on their part, but oh well) and I also found out that I'm picked for two week internship at software development company. I'm really excited and little bit scared - this is totally different thing than land surveying!

But so far I really love how this year is going - started with Udemy course on 1st of January (which I finished!) and by November got to my first web dev internship :)

I'm really excited to see where will this Web Developer journey take me next! Till next post

Happy Coding!

October & Coding Post

News since last post - I've passed my final exam, yay, and also made final project. As I promised, I present you with the link for my mockup game design studio web page: LINK. It was really fun working on this page, we had allot of things that we had to include in there and I love how it all turned out. I even made images for my Projects section because I couldn't find anything that went well with my design so I just used some of the free icons & little bit of Photoshop to make them look just right.

I have so much planned for this month! There's freelance jobs to be done, I want to finish Udemy course so I can finally put something on my LinkedIn that's webdev related, I started whole new front end web developer course on Free Code Camp, I want to make my portfolio webpage and much much more. I read some awesome books, latest one called "Web Development and Beyond" that you can get here for free if that topic interests you. Also, I'm starting to learn more about SEO & color psychology. All in all, I have to-do list for the rest of this year planned.

Rainy days are here, everything is orange and red and cozy, best time to snuggle with some hot coffee, coding books or tutorials on my tablet and learn away :)

Happy autumn coding people!